What sets us apart?  Variety.

We offer a broad spectrum of home staging services.  Of course, we love to stage vacant homes, but we also specialize in working with buyers who live in their homes during the selling process.  Our purpose is to provide a tailored solution to all home sellers at an affordable price.

Vacant Home Staging

As you may know, empty homes are far more difficult to sell than furnished homes. Why is that?  Most buyers have a very difficult time envisioning how they would furnish an empty room.  Where would the couch go?  Would my bed and dresser even fit in this room? Contrary to what you might imagine, a furnished room actually feels larger than an empty room.


That's where Stage Right comes in!  We offer a comprehensive design and accessory plan to help prospective buyers envision themselves in the home.  In a matter of days, your home will be furnished and decorated, and buyers will be knocking on your door!

Occupied Home Staging

Most people reside in their homes while they are selling.  So, what's the problem?  Well, we like to live in an environment that feels personal and accommodates our lifestyle.  We like to admire our family photos on the walls, hang our children's special artwork on the refrigerator, position our family room furniture to face the TV, rather than that beautiful fireplace... the list goes on!  

Stage Right specializes in consulting with sellers to make important adjustments in their homes leading to a speedy sale.  With some key changes in furniture layout, swapping out family photos for eye-catching artwork, and pairing down accessories, sellers will quickly find themselves packing up and on their way to their new home... where all of those beautiful family photos can be proudly displayed once again!

Pre-Listing Consultations

Getting your home prepared to go on the market can be a daunting task.  For many sellers, the very process of moving is more than enough to fill their plate, let alone combing through every detail of their property and preparing it for sale.  Sometimes, sellers want to rush through the process just to sell the home and move on, but with this mindset, so many are leaving money on the table. 

Stage Right offers a variety of pre-listing solutions.  Our walk-and-talk consultation is the most affordable way for the seller to get a thorough pre-listing plan.  We tour the property, room by room, and discuss the essential items that need attention prior to listing the property.  If the homeowner prefers a more detailed written report, we are happy to offer that service as well.  

Don't leave money on the table!  Taking the necessary steps to prepare your home for the market will set you apart from the competition and will enable you to maximize your profit.

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Stage Right Home Staging

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